Saturday, March 12, 2011


For some time now, I've thought about keeping a blog. I compulsively buy really beautiful journals (you know, the ones they sell in bookstores, that come wrapped in plastic with some story about how they are handmade by women in a third-world country who make the paper out of leaves and flowers, and the cover is made from recycled elephant dung... you know the ones.) because I think if I have this lovely, expensive journal, I'll be more inclined to actually start journaling. But really, who wants to write on a leaf? So I figure that blogging is the next best thing, especially as no plant materials (or animal leavings) are disturbed in the process.

I'm not out to say anything profound or revolutionary, nor to contribute to the chatter jamming up the information superhighway, just to get all the random, non sequiters out of my head in the hopes that somehow in the process they might, I don't know, sequit. I'll try to keep everything web-appropriate; I guess this is my disclaimer: My thoughts are not always PC, nor are they always PG-13. I will not intentionally offend, but I will always be honest, and likely opinionated, and will try my best to look for the lesson to be learned in every life experience I face. I'll take the good, I'll take the bad, and sort through them both to try and find... the facts of life.

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