Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Year of Thanks - Jan. 5

I'm thankful for healing in Stephanie.

Stephanie is a friend of mine who was badly injured in an accident several months ago. Since then, she has spent nearly three months in the hospital, has had multiple surgeries, and been through unimaginable pain. Her journey to healing is far from over, but she has made the most remarkable strides.

Although I've been receiving regular updates on her progress, I saw her tonight for the first time since before the accident. She is still in a wheelchair, with something of a bionic leg, but her spirit is remarkable. The attitude she has maintained throughout this ordeal, and the faith she has held, encourage me and do so much to restore my own (spirit, attitude, faith).

I don't want to seem to demean in any way here the importance of the miracle of her survival of what could very easily have been a fatal incident. I am thankful beyond words, naturally, for that miracle. I think it a remarkable example, however, of the grace of God -- and here is where I hope not to be misunderstood or thought insensitive -- that there have been perhaps more lives touched by her trial through the growth that has occurred since and the number of people who have benefited through the witness and testimony of her journey, than had she not survived the accident at all. It is truly an example of how God, not being responsible for the bad things that happen in our lives, can still use the most tragic events to bring about good. Thanks be to God Almighty.

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